Slew Crane Hire

Flexible Wet Hire and Dry Hire Solutions for Slew Cranes in the Coffs Harbour Region

Slew cranes, also known as all-terrain cranes and mobile cranes, are the staple crane on construction sites across Australia. Being a mobile, self-propelled unit with a rotating boom, slew cranes can perform all types and sizes of lifts depending on the model.

If you need to hire a slew crane for a civil construction project in the Coffs Harbour region, Coffs City Cranes can provide you with a tailored slew crane solution to suit your requirements and budgets.

110T Tadano slew crane

Why Hire a Slew Crane With Coffs City Cranes?

When you hire a slew crane from us, you have access to both skilled operators and well-maintained cranes. All our slew cranes are less than 15 years old and are regularly serviced between jobs, so they’ll be always in top working condition when they arrive at your work site.
Our slew crane hire services include flexible wet hire and dry hire options. If you’re looking to wet hire a slew crane with us, we can provide you with experienced crane operators, riggers, and dogmen. Our team are all highly familiar with our cranes and can work on jobs of all sizes. If you want to dry hire a slew crane instead, we can organise for a well-maintained crane to be on your site for the duration of your project.

Hire a Slew Crane With Coffs City Cranes for Your Next Civil Construction Project.

Our Fleet of Slew Cranes

60T Grove slew crane

60T Grove - All Terrain Crane

Model: GMK3060

Maximum Rated Lifting Capacity: 60 Tons 

Year of Manufacture: 2016

Attachments: RMS pre-qualified and inspected for sites, 13.6t counterweight, secondary winch, 43m main boom, fly and needle 8.7m to 15m manual offset.

80T Grove slew crane

80T Grove - All Terrain Crane

Model: GMK4080
Maximum Rated Lifting Capacity: 80 Tons
Year of Manufacture: 2009
Attachments: RMS pre-qualified and inspected for sites, 19.3t counterweight, 51m main boom, hydraulic luffing fly and needle 8.7 to 15m.

110T Tadano – All Terrain Crane

Model: ATF110G-5
Maximum Rated Lifting Capacity: 110 Tons
Year of Manufacture: 2007
Attachments: Crane and dolly combination, secondary winch, 35t counterweights, 25/63/80t hook blocks, 52m main boom, fly extension and inserts 9.5m to 30.1m manual offset.

110T Tadano slew crane

130T Tadano – All Terrain Crane

Model: ATF130G-5
Maximum Rated Lifting Capacity: 130 Tons
Year of Manufacture: 2021
Attachments: RMS pre-qualified and inspected for sites, crane and dolly combination, 42.4t counterweights, 10t/32t/63t hook blocks, 60m main boom, hydraulic luffing fly 3.8m extension rated to 40t, full fly and inserts up to 31m length.

130T Tadano slew crane

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If you’re located in Coffs Harbour, or in surrounding locations like Armidale, Ballina, and Port Macquarie, we can provide you with flexible slew crane hire solutions for civil construction projects. Contact our team today to get a quote or to make an enquiry. Call us or use our online contact form.

Our Locations

At Coffs City Cranes, we want to ensure that those who need our slew crane hire services can access them. We work at locations across the Mid Coast, Mid North Coast, New England, and Manning regions of New South Wales. Here are some of our regular work locations.

  • Coffs Harbour
  • Woolgoolga
  • Ballina
  • Port Macquarie
  • Armidale
  • Grafton

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